Name and surname : Angelina Pilatti.


          • Degree in Psychology (Faculty of Psychology, National University of Córdoba [Argentina]).
          • Doctor in Psychology (Faculty of Psychology, National University of Córdoba [Argentina]).

Current charges:

  • Researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET, Argentina).
  • Assistant Professor of Methodology of Psychological Research (Faculty of Psychology, National University of Córdoba [Argentina]).

Institution / Affiliation: Institute of Psychological Research [CONICET-UNC]. Faculty of Psychology, National University of Córdoba.

City-Country : Córdoba, Argentina.


Full member of the Argentine Association of Behavioral Sciences.

Research lines / topics:

The lines of work focus on the analysis of risk factors associated with the consumption of alcohol and marijuana in childhood, adolescence and youth. Through longitudinal studies, courses of alcohol and marijuana consumption behaviors and the relationship between distal factors (personality traits, early exposure to the drug) and proximal factors (social norms of consumption, reasons for consumption, perceived risk associated with drug use) are examined. of substances) maintain on addictive behaviors.

Main publications:

Pilatti, & Bravo (2021). Validation of the Spanish Version of the Marijuana Consequences Questionnaire (S-MACQ). doi: 10.1007 / s11469-020-00474-y

Pilatti et al. (2020). ELSA 2018 Cohort: Protective Behavioral Strategies as Mediators of the Relationship between Risk Factors and Alcohol Outcomes in Argentinean College Freshmen. doi: 10.1093 / alkal / agaa111.

Vera et al. (2020). ELSA 2014 cohort: Risk factors associated with heavy episodic drinking trajectories in Argentinean college students. doi: 10.3389 / fnbeh.2020.00105

Pilatti et al. (2020). Contexts of Alcohol Use: A Latent Class Analysis among Argentinean College Students. doi: 10.1016 / j.drugalcdep.2020.107936

Bravo et al. (2019). Cross-cultural examination of negative alcohol-related consequences: Measurement invariance of the Young Adult Alcohol Consequences Questionnaire in Spain, Argentina, and USA. doi: 10.1037 / pas0000689.

Pilatti et al. (2021). The preview in Argentine adolescents: their relationship with social norms and reasons for the preview. Interdisciplinary Magazine. doi: /10.16888/interd.2021.38.1.2

Pilatti et al. (2017). ELSA 2016 cohort: Alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use and their association with age of drug use onset, risk perception and social norms, in Argentinean college freshmen. doi: 10.3389 / fpsyg.2017.01452

Other academic / professional background:

Coordinator of the Ethics Committee of the Institute of Psychological Research [CONICET-UNC] from September 2019 to the present.

Member of the Advisory Committee of the Doctorate Program of the Faculty of Psychology (National University of Córdoba, Argentina).