Interview with Tamara J. Phillips

Answers to Interview Questions for the ISBRA Newsletter

November 2020

    1 How did you become interested in alcohol research?

    I think it's important for me to tell you how my interest in the field of behavioral genetics grew in the first place. I started studying music in college, but I soon found that my desire outweighed my talent, and I was smart enough to know when to take another direction. By then, I had already been introduced to psychology - but not yet genetics - and my circumstances led me to move to the eastern United States. With that move came the opportunity to take a unique course in behavioral genetics, a course not offered by many programs at the time, and I was given the opportunity to do research in a behavioral genetics laboratory. I fell in love with the idea that behavior has a genetic component and that this could be demonstrated by the ability to selectively breed for different levels of a particular behavior.