Name and surname : Fermín Fernández Calderón.


          • Doctor of Psychology.

Current charges:

          • Professor of the Department of Clinical and Experimental Psychology (University of Huelva, Spain).
          • Vice Dean of Resources for Teaching and Services, Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sports Sciences (University of Huelva, Spain).
          • Principal Investigator of the Research group SEJ-053 Research Methods and Techniques in Social and Health Sciences: Applications and Learning (Junta de Andalucía, Spain).

Institution / Affiliation:

Department of Clinical and Experimental Psychology (University of Huelva, Spain).

City-Country : Huelva, Spain.


Laboratory of Determinants in Health. Research Center on Natural Resources, Health and the Environment (RENSMA).

Member of the Editorial Board of the Argentine Journal of Behavioral Sciences, Córdoba (Argentina).

Research lines / topics:

Recreational use of alcohol and other drugs: effects, consumption patterns and associated consequences.

Psychological determinants of alcohol and other drug use.

Drug use disorders: determinants and therapeutic results.

Main publications:

Fernández-Calderón, F. , González-Ponce, BM, Díaz-Batanero, C., Lozano-Rojas, OM (2021). Predictive utility of Protective Behavioral Strategies for Alcohol-related Outcomes in a Community Sample of Young Adults. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. doi: 10.1016 / j.addbeh.2021.106834

Fernández-Calderón, F. , Vidal-Giné, C., Rojas-Tejada, AJ, Lozano-Rojas, OM (2020). Patterns of simultaneous polysubstance use among partygoers: correlates and differences in adverse acute effects experienced. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 52 (4), 344-356 .

Manuel Sanchez-Garcia, Óscar M. Lozano-Rojas, Carmen Díaz-Batanero, José Carmona-Márquez, Antonio Rojas-Tejada, Fermín Fernández-Calderón (2020). Spanish Adaptation of the Protective Behavioral Strategies Scale-20 (S-PBSS-20) and Evaluation of its Psychometric Properties in University Students. Psicothema , 32 (4): 598-606.

Fernández-Calderón, F .; Díaz-Batanero, C .; Barrat, MJ; Palamar, JJ (2019). Harm reduction strategies related to dosing and their relation to harms among festival attendees who use multiple drugs. Drug and Alcohol Review. 38 (1): 57-67

Fernández-Calderón, F .; Díaz-Batanero, C .; Rojas-Tejada, AJ; Castellanos-Ryan, N .; Lozano-Rojas, Ó.M. (2018). Adaptation to the Spanish population of the Substance Use Risk Profile Scale (SURPS) and psychometric properties. Addictions, 30 (3), 208-218.

Fernández-Calderón, F .; Cleland CM; Palamar, JJ (2017). Polysubstance use profiles among electronic dance music party attendees in New York City and their relation to use of new psychoactive substances. Addictive Behaviors , 78, 85-93.

Other academic / professional background:

Principal investigator of the following research projects:

Project: "Impact of behavioral health protection strategies in the face of abusive alcohol consumption in young people: a longitudinal study within the framework of the Theory of Planned Action".

Project "Party and Drugs".

In addition, Dr. Fernández-Calderón has participated as a collaborating researcher in more than a dozen research projects, including:

Longitudinal study of the effect of treatment on the recovery of executive functions in patients with cocaine and alcohol dependence: implications on the therapeutic results (Principal investigator, Óscar M. Lozano Rojas).

Analysis of the intervention of patients with dual pathology: longitudinal study on the factors that intervene in stability (Principal investigator, Óscar M. Lozano Rojas).