Substance addiction involves compulsive use, in which seeking and consuming the substance, and recovering from its effects occupies an important part of a person's life; as well as repeated and unsuccessful attempts to stop consumption, which has caused problems in the labor, relational or economic sphere.

RICPA is a primarily academic network, we are professors or researchers who analyze the determinants of addictions or investigate new ways of treatment, but in general we do not provide primary care for these pathologies.

However, we can refer you to entities that can help you. In case you need help, we suggest the following services:

Argentina: SEDRONAR If you are in Argentina call 141 to communicate with professionals or leave a message at

Chile: SENDA For urgent help, even for a relative or acquaintance, call 1412, Fonodrogas y Alcohol.

Alcoholics Anonymous (phone +56227771010, web: )

Spain: Drug Addiction Help Foundation, Information and Guidance Service (free phone (0034) 900 16 15 15, web: )

Alcoholics Anonymous (telephone 34-985 566 345, web: )

Narcotics Anonymous (telephone: 34- 902 114 147, web: )

Uruguay: National Drug Board Telephone service at * 1020 (Free from cell phone 24 hours a day) or in person at the Ciudadela Device (see here for your nearest center: )