Name and surname :   Mariana De Santis


          • Degree in Economics. School of Economics. National University of Córdoba, Argentina.
          • Doctor in Economic Sciences. Mention Economy. School of Economics. National University of Córdoba, Argentina.

Current charges:

  • Tenured Professor by Contest. Microeconomics II. School of Economics. National University of Córdoba, Argentina.

Institution / Affiliation:

Center for Research and Studies on Culture and Society - Córdoba (CIECS-CONICET). Av. Valparaíso S / N - University City - CP X5000HRV - Córdoba, Argentina. School of Economics. National University of Cordoba. Bv. Enrique Barros - Ciudad Universitaria - CP X5000HRV - Córdoba, Argentina.

City-Country: Córdoba, Argentina.

Memberships : active member of the Argentine Association of Political Economy (AAEP)

Research lines / topics: Health Economics. Relationship between health and subjective well-being, equity and inequality in health and in the use of health services. His latest research focuses on alcohol consumption and spending in Latin American countries, socioeconomic inequality in harmful alcohol consumption in Argentina, and harmful alcohol consumption patterns among university students. He is currently working on the development and application of instruments for collecting specific information on patterns of consumption of psychoactive substances, the analysis of the decision of episodic excessive alcohol consumption from the microeconomic theory of contingent consumption and the empirical instrumentation of individual preferences about alcohol. to expose or not the health to risky behaviors.

Main publications:

In press. Decomposition of inequity in the distribution of functional dependencies among older adults in Argentina, Revista Cubana de Salud Pública. In collaboration with Gisela González and Milva Geri.

2019- Socioeconomic and demographic determinants of alcohol spending by families in the urban area of ​​the Bolivian highlands, Perspectives . In collaboration with Andrea Carrazana Rivera.

Work under evaluation:

Socioeconomic inequalities in alcohol consumption in Argentina: comparative analysis 2009 - 2013 - 2018. In collaboration with Andrea Carrazana Rivera.

Binge Drinking and Risk Preferences: an application to college students in Argentina. In collaboration with María Inés Lara, Andrea Carrazana Rivera , María Noelia Garbero and Carolina Judith Castroff

Other academic / professional background:

His field of interest has always been related to the human capital of individuals. Thus, he has worked on topics of the Economics of Education, specifically on the profitability of human capital in the labor market and, more recently, in the field of Health Economics.

Co-Director of the Doctorate in Economic Sciences. Mention in Economics, from which it encourages the participation of its doctoral students in courses taught by other academic units, the exchange of teachers and students and the completion of multidisciplinary doctoral theses.


Link to the Institute of Economy and Finance. School of Economics. National University of Córdoba, Argentina.