Name and surname : Paul Ruiz Santos.


          • Degree in Psychology (UdelaR).

          • PhD in Psychology (UNC).

Current charges:

          • Assistant to the Biosciences Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UdelaR.

Institution / Affiliation: University of the Republic.

City-Country : Montevideo, Uruguay.

Research lines / topics:

  • Animal models of psychopathologies.
  • Addictions
  • Applied cognitive behavioral psychotherapy.


Main publications of the last year:

  • Neufeld, C., Szupszynski, K., Barletta, J., Romero, A., Rutsztein, G., Airaldi, M., Ruiz, P., Keegan, E. (2021). The Development of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Practice, Research, and Future Directions in Latin America. International Journal of Cognitive Therapy , 11, 1-12.
  • Ruiz, P. , Pilatti, A., Pautassi, R. (2020). Consequences of alcohol use, and its association with psychological distress, sensitivity to emotional contagion and age of onset of alcohol use, in Uruguayan youth with or without college degree. Alcohol Journal, 82, 91-101. (full).


Other academic / professional background:

See CV online at this link here.