Name and surname : Vanina Schmidt.


          • Doctor in Psychology (University of Buenos Aires).

Current charges:

  • Independent researcher of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET).
  • Director of Research Projects of the Secretariat of Science and Technology of the UBA (UBACyT), of CONICET and of the Inter-American Open University (UAI).
  • Director of University Volunteering Projects (PVU) of the Secretariat of University Policies, Ministry of Education of the Nation.
  • Regular associate professor of "Psychometric Techniques" at the Faculty of Psychology (UBA).
  • General Coordinator of the Professional Practice of Health Promotion in Adolescents of the Faculty of Psychology (UBA).
  • Regular Professor of Methodology: Qualitative Designs of the Faculty of Psychology and Human Relations, Inter-American Open University (UAI).

Institution / Affiliation: National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET).

Faculty of Psychology, University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Faculty of Psychology and Human Relations, Inter-American Open University (UAI).

City-Country : Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Interamerican Society of Psychology (SIP)

  • Ibero-American Association for Psychological Evaluation (AIDEP)
  • Argentine Association of Behavioral Sciences (AACC)
  • Latin American Association of Developmental Psychology (ALAPSIDE Network)
  • Association for the Advancement of Psychological Science (AACP).
  • Argentine Association of Mental Health (AASM).

Research lines / topics:

He has developed his academic career around the subject of alcohol consumption in adolescence. The general objective has been to identify which aspects of the personality and the context (family, school and recreational activities) function as protective factors against risky alcohol consumption. At the same time, an evaluation-intervention device has been developed for the promotion of the health of adolescent groups that is applied in educational institutions and sports centers of CABA and Greater Buenos Aires, thus contributing with concrete actions to development. positive of the adolescent groups.

Main publications:

Calero, A .; Schmidt, V. and Bugallo, L. (2016) Alcohol consumption and its relationship with adolescent self-perception. Alcohol consumption and its relationship with the adolescent self-perception, Health and Addictions , 16, 1: 49-58.

Schmidt, V .; Molina, MF & Raimundi, MJ (2017) The Sensation Seeking Scale (SSS-V) and its use in Latin American adolescents. Alcohol consumption pattern as an external criterion for its validation. Europe's Journal of Psychology , 13 (4), 776–793. doi: 10.5964 / ejop.v13i4.1198.

Schmidt, V .; Celsi, I., Molina, MF; Raimundi, MJ; García-Arabehety, M., Pérez-Gaido , M., Iglesias, D., and González, MA (2019). Commitment to sport as a protective factor against alcohol consumption in the young population. Notebooks of Sports Psychology , 19 (3): 24-36 .

Schmidt, V., Martucci, F., Di Puglia, G., Lo Giusto, O., Rijana, I. and Alvarez-Ituraían, A. (2019). Qualitative study on risk and care practices in night scenes with a massive presence in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Collective Health , 1-18. ISSN 1669-2381 | EISSN 1851-8265 | doi: 10.18294 / sc.2019.2171.

Other academic / professional background:

Author of more than 100 articles, 4 books and more than 200 conference presentations.

Associate professor and member of the academic committee of the Postgraduate Career of Specialization in Psychological Assessment (UAI).